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Misgumus 55 Mage Empty Misgumus 55 Mage

Post by Braemble on Sun Dec 27, 2015 5:11 pm

Main - Misgumus - 55 Erudite Mage

Alt - Braemble - 54 Haffer druid
Alt - Diawara - 53 HE ench

2.  3 to 4

3(a). Generally speaking Powerslave raids during the week(Mon-Thur) 8pm - 12:00am Eastern time & on the weekend(Sundays), 6pm - 10pm Eastern. What nights would you be unable to raid?  No regular schedule conflict so will probably make at least 4 of those a week

3(b). Those times work well for me.

4.  Mixed.  Prefer groups.  Occasional solo/camp especially for quest items.

5. Were you recruited by someone specifically? If so who?  No.

6.  I know Tollen, Pork, Sailorjerry, Thrakka

7.  Noble Heroes

8. Want to see  higher end content and raid.

9. How long have you been playing EQ?  I played Kunark through LDoN on live and about 1 year on p99.

10. Have you played any other MMO's? If so, which ones?  DAoC, WoW, Rift, ....

11.  I agree.

12.  47.  CST.

13. Mage research.  brewing

14. Attend events, listen to raid instructions.  I have no particular expectations.  I already have grouped with many of you and know you are helpful.  I just want to be part of that team.

15. Why do Halflings eat so much.... ?


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Misgumus 55 Mage Empty Re: Misgumus 55 Mage

Post by tolixs on Sun Dec 27, 2015 5:22 pm

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