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Post by Vligo on Sun Jun 26, 2016 1:35 pm

1.Main -Vligo - 60 Dark Elf Necromancer

Alt - Vligon - 34 Wood Elf Ranger

2. Ideally, how many nights a week on average you would like to spend raiding? 4-5 nights per week would be ideal.

3(a). Generally speaking Powerslave raids during the week(Mon-Thur) 8pm - 12:00am Eastern time & on the weekend(Sundays), 6pm - 10pm Eastern. What nights would you be unable to raid?
I work on a 9 day schedule. 5 on 4 off with rotating shifts. Shifts can be 0600-1600, 0800-1800, 1200-2200, 1400-0001, 1700-0300 and 2200-0800. As long as I get 7 hours of sleep, I'll be on that night / day. So, I can't say which days I would be able to attend, but if I'm able to raid that night with you guys, I'll be there.

3(b). Given our normal raiding times, what days would you need to start late or leave early? Please provide the date, expected depart/arrival time.
See above.

4. Describe your play-style, for example are you ultra-competitive, very social, a loner, etc.
Social and competitive.

5. Were you recruited by someone specifically? If so who?

6. Do you have any friends, or have any particular association with any current Powerslave members? If so, who?

7. What Guild(s) are you in, or have you been a part of? Please indicate any guild you plan to continue to be a member of while also a member of Powerslave.
I am currently in Invictus. I joined about a month ago.

8. What prompted you apply to join our guild?
I'd like to raid the end game content and Powerslave is the top guild for raiding on the P2002 server. You guys look organized, capable and fair. I've personally only had good interactions with Powerslave members.

9. How long have you been playing EQ?
Played LIVE on The Rathe from 1999-2002. Had a 60 Ranger that raided all of Velious and a good chunk of Luclin.

10. Have you played any other MMO's? If so, which ones?
WoW - 2004-2014.
Star Wars: TOR - 2011-2012.
ESO Online - 2015.
Wildstar - Did the BETA.
AION - Didn't like it.
City of Heroes - 2004-2005.

11. Have you read the rules for joining our guild? They are found by clicking [here] [and here]. Do you agree to follow these rules? If not, please explain.
Yes, I have read the rules and agree to follow them.

12. What is your RL age and location (Time Zone specifically)?
33 years young and live in Toronto.

13. What, if any, tradeskills are you involved in?

14. How do you plan to contribute to the guild? How do you expect the guild to help you?
I plan to use my Necromancer to do some damage, twitch the healers / COTH bots, DMF everyone for CS to ToV runs, summon corpses and res people if needed.
I would like the guild to help me see all of the raid content P2002 has to offer. I'm very nostalgic for this game and watching Vulak and Ssra Emp drop again would be a amazing.

15. Why do Halflings not have kangaroo pouches?


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Vligo - 60 Necromancer Empty Re: Vligo - 60 Necromancer

Post by Tollen on Tue Jun 28, 2016 9:15 am

Welcome, get with me or atno in game tonight


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