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Post by Tollen on Wed Dec 07, 2016 7:33 pm

• Raid Attendance

Is Required to be awarded loot.
If you are on During raid time It should be your Priority to attend, even if your late.

• Raid Toons

-Main: Mains are the Core of our Raiding group. Mains take Priority over alts
-Alts: 2 Raid alts are allowed at any given time. You are not Required to Box to be eligible to raid.
-All raid Toons must be Lvl 60 - You may attend raids prior to this but only for Rot loot and No LF awarded
-Bringing Non-raid toons: Exceptions can be cleared through an officer, but should not be the norm.
-Officers may also request you to bring another character, in such cases you earn attendance points for the character you would normally bring.

• New Members

-New members are required to go through a trial period.  During the first two weeks of your trial period, you will be considered a "Recruit" and will be ineligible for loot (items rotting is the only exception and will be up to the discretion of the officers/loot council).  
-Recruits will earn raid attendance points (LF) just like members.  
-After the initial two week trial period, you will be promoted to "Temp Main" member status until you have reached 50% raid attendance.  
-Once you have reached 50% raid attendance, you will be promoted to "Full Main" member status.
-Temp Mains are equal to alts for bidding on loot.

• Returning Members

-Any member that has lower than 1% raid attendance is considered "Inactive."  
-Inactive members upon their return will be classified as "Temp Main" status until they have reached 50% raid attendance.  
-Once an Inactive member has reached 50% raid attendance, they will be promoted to "Full Main" status.
-Temp Mains are equal to alts for bidding on loot.

• Full Main Status

-Full Main: In good standing with the guild and Maintenance 25% or higher Raid Attendance.
-Takes Priority over Alts *Mains Can not go Negative Loot Factor If an Alt is biding on the same Item*

• Rotate mains, but keep the same raid toons

- No loot will need to be returned.
- New main would be "temp" main status for 30 days. See Temp mains Above.
- Both toons would keep their current points. (since they are just rotating)

• Raid Toon Switching.

-If the retiring raid toon has any top tier drop-able gear (items that would cost 10 points) you may be required to return those items to the guild. ie Sod, BoC, AoW legs ect.
-If your new raid toon can use these items, first option is to transfer to the new raid toon. (at no cost)
-If you end up turning in items, you will get half the points awarded to your new raid toon.
-New raid alts will be subject to inspection to Assure they are not a Liability to the raid force
-If new raid toon is Main, you would be in temp main status for 30 days.
-Temp Mains are equal to alts for bidding on loot.
-New raid toon would start off with HALF the points of the toon that is being retired. (If the retiring toon is negative, you get the full negative).
-Only one raid toon may be switched per expansion. Exceptions made for high demand Classes approved by Officers.

Any switches must be approved by the Officers
- No toons that have looted a ST key will be approved for switching until your replacement character has a ST key or until Luclin is launched.

• Loot and DKP (LF)

This system will have something called a "Loot Factor" (LF) tied to every Raiding toon. LF will be used to assist the loot council in making quick and accurate calls on loot. The formula to get an individual’s LF is Raids Attended - Loot Value (LV). Please note, just because your loot factor is better than someone else, doesn't guarantee that you will win an item over that person. There will still be other factors such as how big or small of an upgrade this item is for you, as well as how useful is it for your class, compared to others.

When we call bids on a specific item, it is mandatory that you also state your status of Main(M), Alt(A), or Temp(TM), and link the item which you are going to be replacing as well as your current loot factor value. The reason for this is to speed up the process in which loot gets handed out. After we find someone who clearly deserves said item, we will then go to the website and confirm the values they stated were true. If you do not provide us with BOTH your Loot Factor # and the link of the piece of gear you will be upgrading, you will automatically be disqualified from loot. Greed bids may be put in for non 10 point items after last call is announced, the guild bank reserves the right to bank items as necessary.

• Loot Process:

1-Mains who NEED the item (pay with main LF). Items won this way need to stay with this toon, and if a main is changed, the guild reserves the right to ask for certain items back to be used for mains that would put it to use.

2-Raid Alts who NEED the item (pay with those toons LF).items won this way need to stay with this toon, and if a alt is changed, the guild reserves the right to ask for certain items back to be used for mains/alts who would put it to use.

3-If item is still not bid on, it will go up for a "Greed" Bid(low end items will not be bid on so as to not slow down the raid, example spells will skip this step). The guild reserves the right to bank items.
“Greed” means that any raid toon may use their LF to win this item regardless if you need it or not. A few things to note regarding Greed Bids. Using a Main's LF to bid on the item will be taken above alts. When bidding on greed items, you cannot go negative. Unlike normal "need" items, greed items can be used for whatever you want (give away/sell/random alt/etc.).

4-Full random on items. This will include items that are not guild banked, that no one bid on, whatever they may be. Any item won with a random can be used in whatever way that person wants, just as if they won it with a greed bid.

5-You may not go Negative LF unless the items is going rot or up for greed.

Example of Loot distribution:
Atno Tells Guild: Blade of Uberness 10 points.
Vincent Tells Guild: LF 60 (links Blade of Less Uberness) main
Massage Tells Guild: LF 61 (links Blade of Utter crap) alt
Atno Tells Guild: Grats Vincent.

• Q&A

Q: How many loot points will items be valued at?
A: Items will be worth an amount of points depending on how good/wanted the item is. (This will change every expansion)

Q: How will we be handling alt loot?
A: This too will be decided by your LF. Again, just because your LF is higher than another member, it does not guarantee that you will win this item, however your odds of winning this item are significantly higher than those with a lower LF. Active full member mains will always have priority over alts.

Q: Can applicants get loot during their app period?
A: During the application period applicants will be required to wait 2 weeks worth of active raiding to be allowed to bid as a Temporary Main. After this period, you may bid with your LF. The Temporary main status is equal to a raid alt, and a temporary mains alts will be rot only. They will accrue attendance points as everyone else and their LF will be used in the decision

Q: Will we receive any kind of refund for turning in old items that we no longer use?
A: Yes. If there comes a point and time in which you upgrade a droppable item, you will be refunded 50% of the current value of that item when you hand it in. Items will then be offered back to the guild so that someone else can make use of it. You are required to return droppable items back to the guild after they are of no use to your main, the 50% refund is just an added incentive for you to do so.
will have to decide how we want to handle, whats accepted back, allowed to go over max LF or not
Q: Who will make up the Loot Council?
A: The Loot Council will be made up of:
Wharhogg as a tie-breaker/fill in.

Q: Will I be able to view my Loot Factor?
A: Yes. Attendance LF is loot factor.

Q: Can I see other members Loot Factor?
A: Yes. In an attempt to be as transparent as possible, everyone's Loot Factor will be viewable.

Q: I have an issue with a decision on loot, what should I do?
A: First and foremost, keep the drama out of guild chat. If you have an issue, first look at your side. How high was your LF? How useful was this item for your class? How much of an upgrade was it? Then look at all those factors for the person who won the item. At that point, you should be trying your best to understand why this call was made. If for some reason you have looked at these things and are still unhappy, send a tell to an officer (who is NOT leading our raid) and we will attempt to clarify our decision. Please understand that while in leadership, there are a lot of things going on. We don't have time to explain every loot decision to every person who didn't get the item they wanted. Use common sense.

Q: Can I go into the negative on Loot Factor?
A: Yes, but only for need items, not greed items. (see loot process above).

Q: How does the Guild Bank work?
A: The guild bank is also listed on the attendance sheet. We try to keep as little items in there as possible, so the members who helped attain those items can put them to use. A fairly up to date list will be on the guild bank tab of the Attendance sheet that all members have access to. If an item is in the guild bank for longer than 30 days, it may become available for puchase. Items listed as available to purchase with a platinum value can be bought on a first come basis. If any items that are very desirable happen to come up for sale, there will be a guild bank sell off event where we will have the chance to /random and win the right to purchase items up for sale.

Q:Can I stock pile my points and take all the pixels?
A:Loot Factor and your Loot Value are on a 60 Day decay.

Edit: updated 12-13-16
"-Temp Mains are equal to alts for bidding on loot."


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