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Post by Sippy on Tue Dec 27, 2016 6:08 pm

1. Please provide the Name, Class, and Race of the main character you have that you would be interested in raiding with. Please list your alts characters in the order you would prefer to play them.  Also note that we currently allow 3 raid toons, a main and 2 alts, set in stone that can only be changed with officer approval:

- Main - Bricktop - Human Monk

- Alt - Bigheals - 60 - Dwarf Cleric
- Alt - Sippycup - 60 - Vah Shir Beastlord

Note: But whatever combo best helps the team!

2. Ideally, how many nights a week on average you would like to spend raiding?

- 4

3(a). Generally speaking Powerslave raids during the week(Sun-Thur) 8pm - 12:00am Eastern time. What nights would you be unable to raid?

- I'm also EST
- Zero nights

3(b). Given our normal raiding times, what days would you need to start late or leave early? Please provide the date, expected depart/arrival time.

- My raid time windows would be (Sunday / 1300 - 2230)  (Monday - Thursday / 1800 - 2230)  (Friday / 1800 - 2359)  (Saturday / 0800 - 2300)

4. Describe your play-style, for example are you ultra-competitive, very social, a loner, etc.

- I would describe my play-style as competitive when it comes to raiding, because we need to be highly focused and intense in the raiding environment to get the job done and done right i.e. Efficiency.  This takes a well organized team with each member knowing there role and executing it properly with good communication.  If we are not then we wipe and wipe and wipe and it becomes frustrating and turns into a long night. Now, with that being said I love new content.  With new content and strategy building, it takes wipes and wipes and wipes until the plan is refined.  Basically raiding is business time, after that I'm light hearted and want to help others.  I'm also prone to being a loveable loner (how sweet).

- Also, one can be highly focused and intense and still have fun doing it!  (I believe that's the idea) by joe I think he's got it!  That's my current two cents on the subject.

5. Were you recruited by someone specifically? If so who?

- I don't know if I would say recruited by, but Laarkin and I have spoken about the subject in some detail.

6. Do you have any friends, or have any particular association with any current Powerslave members? If so, who?

- Grouped with Laarkin and Bhrodi, that's about it.

7. What Guild(s) are you in, or have you been a part of? Please indicate any guild you plan to continue to be a member of while also a member of Powerslave.

- Currently a part of DING.

- Only been in DING.

8. What prompted you apply to join our guild?

- Raiding and Fellowship

9. How long have you been playing EQ?

- Started in 1999, played a paladin on bristlebane into PoP (1999 - 2003) (65 Dwarf Paladin).  Enjoyed some raiding.

- Then in 2015 played some p99 (53 Wood Elf Bard)

- Then in 2016 started playing p2002.

10. Have you played any other MMO's? If so, which ones?

- Shadowbane
- World of Warcraft

11. Have you read the rules for joining our guild? They are found by clicking Here - and Here. Do you agree to follow these rules? If not, please explain.

- I do agree.

12. What is your RL age and location (Time Zone specifically)?

- 37 / New York, USA

13. What, if any, tradeskills are you involved in?

- None, atm.

14. How do you plan to contribute to the guild? How do you expect the guild to help you?

- Know my role and look for ways to help others.

- Be friendly and help me to better help the team/guild.

15. Why do Halflings ____watch reruns of hee haw whilst conducting da stanky legg______ ?


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Sippy time application Empty Re: Sippy time application

Post by Tollen on Wed Dec 28, 2016 7:14 pm


Thanks for your app.

Please get with me in game.


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