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Post by Abatement on Thu Jan 04, 2018 10:52 am

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2. Ideally, how many nights a week on average you would like to spend raiding? I was back from the random hour of the day raiding schedule.

3(a). Generally speaking Powerslave raids during the week(Sun-Thur) 8pm - 12:00am Eastern time. What nights would you be unable to raid? None.

3(b). Given our normal raiding times, what days would you need to start late or leave early? Please provide the date, expected depart/arrival time. May have to leave 30 minutes or so early work starts at 12:00am est.

4. Describe your play-style, for example are you ultra-competitive, very social, a loner, etc. Enjoy hanging out camping stuff while cracking jokes.

5. Were you recruited by someone specifically? If so who? Kodak

6. Do you have any friends, or have any particular association with any current Powerslave members? If so, who? Kodak started with him way back with Ragefire was the new hotness and have migrated between games since.

7. What Guild(s) are you in, or have you been a part of? Please indicate any guild you plan to continue to be a member of while also a member of Powerslave. I was part of Asylum of Shadows on phinny and Faceless on Agnarr

8. What prompted you apply to join our guild? Raids that start on time, kill bosses, and then move on with life.

9. How long have you been playing EQ? Off and on since Feb 2000.

10. Have you played any other MMO's? If so, which ones? Anarchy online, warhammer online, eve, FFXI, FFXIV, swtor, WOW, DaoC, EQ2, Vanguard, and others.

11. Have you read the rules for joining our guild? They are found by clicking Here - and Here. Do you agree to follow these rules? Rules are solid.
(12/29/16 addition) 72 Man raid limit

12. What is your RL age and location (Time Zone specifically)? 32, Central Time zone

13. What, if any, tradeskills are you involved in? None.

14. How do you plan to contribute to the guild? How do you expect the guild to help you? Show up, do my job. Make bosses dead.

15. Why do Halflings ooze awesome sauce? The world may never know.


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